About Us

Startrac the New Series of Tractors

The company is the outcome of the thought of being the Future of MASS Mechanization of Agriculture (Mini tractors used in Agriculture for the Subsistence of Small & marginal farmers). We are currently amongst one of the Largest Exporter of a range of Mini Tractors and it’s Implements from India : Exporting to more than 50 Countries.

Mini Tractors Range[Compact tractors] : 17-27 hp

Startrac tractors have Automatic Depth and Draft Sensing Hydraulics. We also offer about 50 different types of heavy duty implements. This is our specialty as everything is available under one roof. Moreover, we NEVER compromise on our quality. Our commitment towards development of agriculture is unparalleled in the industry. The Startrac tractors is the answer to customers who need power, robustness and versatility, without sacrificing quality. Equipped with an efficient 3-cylinder Mitsubishi engine. Startrac tractors the reference tractor in greenhouses, gardens, vineyards, orchards & mining sector. The robust synchronized gearbox (9+3) coupled with the 2-speed PTO will provide you with the versatility you need in your daily work. The precise hydraulic steering.4WD the most practical and productive solution in the mini tractor segment.